The Searcher

by Velona Pilcher
music by Edmund Rubbra

Director: Tricia Thorns

A workshop production for the Musical Futures Festival at Greenwich Theatre



After graduating from Stanford University, California, in 1918 Velona Pilcher volunteered for the Red Cross. In France she did no nursing – her task was to find what happened to men who had gone missing in action.



The Searcher | Marty Cruickshank
The C.O. | Leo Conville
The Sergeant | Simon Spencer-Hyde
The Corporal | Phil Sealey
Doctor/Bed Three | Samuel Winter
Doctor/ Bed Four | Peter Lovstrom
Doctor /Bed Six | Lee Maxwell
Nurse | Rosalie Bolt
Nurse | Katherine Lehec
Nurse | Alex Roberts
Jim/Bed Five | Lewis Saunderson

Tricia Thorns | Director
Peter Woollard | Musical Director
Alex Marker | Set Designer

Music played by The Searcher orchestra

Graham Cowley | Producer

Set built by Alex Marker

Costumes by Harvey’s of Hove, Dulwich Players and Two’s Company

Our thanks to: Out of Joint; Merrifield’s of Dulwich for leatherwork; Mary Vernon for invaluable wardrobe work