Two’s Company return to Southwark Playhouse with the first production for 40 years of James Saunders’ mesmerising comedy.

Why do people fall in love? or get married? Why do things fall apart? And what happens next? Bodies delves into these questions with bitter humour.

Mervyn and Anne used to spend a lot of time with David, Mervyn’s best friend, and Helen, David’s wife. The four were close. Anne starts an affair with David; Helen, in revenge, seduces Mervyn. This fragile situation cannot last, of course, and all the participants were scarred. We join them, nine years later …

James Saunders is a vivid explorer of 20th century living. Two’s Company’s aim is to bring back to the light “new plays of the past”, first-hand accounts from the recent past which shed light on our own times. Bodies takes place in the seventies, but its themes are eternal and as fresh as paint.

James Saunders (1925-2004) achieved success in the 1960s with Next Time I’ll Sing to You and A Scent of Flowers. He wrote some 70 plays for theatre, TV and radio. He was an early exponent of the Theatre of the Absurd, and many of his plays expand the limits of traditional theatre. For 30 years he was associated with the Orange Tree Theatre, where Bodies was premiered. It was revived at Hampstead in a production which went to the West End. It has not been seen since.

Some reviews of the first productions:

Bodies is a play which, when we have laughed at its wit, been held in the grip of its drama and revelled in the colours and layers of its language, still raises echo after echo in our minds and hearts.

Bernard Levin, Sunday Times

Positively glitters with rhetorical brilliance.

Felix Barker, Evening News

Saunders writes with a fastidious wit and subtle cadence that delights the ear.

International Herald Tribune

The well-crafted script is razor-sharp, credible and, in places, hugely funny.

What’s On

His best play to date.

Frank Marcus, Sunday Telegraph

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CAST: Alix Dunmore, Annabel Mullion, Peter Prentice, Tim Welton

Director Tricia Thorns
Set design Alex Marker
Costume Design Emily Stuart
Lighting Design Neill Brinkworth
Sound Design Dominic Bilkey

We are grateful for support from:

The Boris Karloff Charitable Foundation
The Foyle Foundation
The John S. Cohen Foundation
Ray Cooney Plays
The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation